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It all began innocently enough. One dark and stormy night two young females, well known for their insanity, started a ‘shipping debate. Little did they know how this would change their futures.

It was Gai/Snape vs Gai/Sasuke. War was declared. Icons were made. Lines were drawn. Capslocks were used without mercy. Then, at the very peak of the bloodshed, one of the lovely young ladies was struck by a flash of inspiration.

“Why not simply make it Snape/Gai/Sasuke?” She asked, and thus sealed the world’s doom.

With the fellow madwoman’s encouragement she wrote the first chapter, and found the pairing unfolding into Snape/Gai/Sasuke/Kakashi. Whilst she reeled from what she had created the other wrote the second chapter.

A close friend suggested the final character for this ultimate pairing. “Where is Neji?” She asked. “He is also an angsty pretty boy genius!”

The OT5 was made, and they saw that is was good.

And so our story started…

Or, for a less dramatic version:

a_white_rain and muffytaj are totally and utterly batshit insane. It was inevitably that one day they would meet, and their meeting would change the world as we know it.

Plus, we both like Gai. And Sasuke. A lot. And crossovers.

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