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GaiSasu Crack - (1/1)

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Jun. 9th, 2006 | 04:35 am
posted by: a_white_rain in the_good_crack

Oh god, what the hell did I just write? I’m not even cruel enough to blame ew_younerd for this, even though she inspired me. Um, this is OC/Sasuke, Kishimoto/Sasuke, Neji/Gai, Kakashi/Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke and Gai/Sasuke. Crack. Deliberately Bad Angst. Vague porn.

Is there a special hell for me?


“And this… Kishimoto,” the doctor said, tapping his pen in on clipboard, “Says that he knows how to give you power to kill your brother?”

Sasuke gave him a sharp nod.

“What does he have you do?”

“Make my uke face,” Sasuke said, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks.

“Uke face? Can you show it to me?”

Sasuke closed his endlessly dark eye slowly, filling with angst and the shadow of his brother mentally rapping him appeared above him and he twisted his face up.

The doctor dropped his pen and clipboard and jumped him.


Spent and sticky, Sasuke walked out of the office and sulking.

“Anther one took you?” Gai said, his dark ebon eyes meeting Sasuke’s midnight black eyes, endlessly pinning for the youth he wanted to take, but always restrained himself because he would never take advantage of the boy like everyone else did.

And he owed it to Neji.

“Yes.” Sasuke paused and added, “I think I should stop with the uke face.” Gai heard the silent ”He didn’t even try and help me.”

“Damn you, Kishimoto,” Gai muttered under his breath. He hated the man for breaking and making Sasuke such a whore.


“Gai, please,” Sasuke panted, his pretty face twisting up, and looking like the prettiest ukey whore ever to be graced upon Naruto’s green earth.

Gai just closed his eyes.


He had to be the one Sasuke could trust not to take advantage of him.

Sasuke crawled onto Gai’s lap and looked up with him with clouded dark eyes. “If someone doesn’t fuck me soon….” He whimpered and pressed his face against Gai’s neck.

“No,” Gai said firmly, Neji’s death haunting him. He’s made a promise to him, to many people, and wouldn’t give in.

Sasuke’s shoulders slumped. “Knock me out then. Or I’ll have to whore myself out.” He pressed his hardness against Gai’s leg.

“Sasuke, you know what happens when you sleep at a time like this…”

Sasuke looked up at him, his eyes full anguished regret. “I’d rather him fuck me with you around then giving myself away to someone else who just wants my body.” He shivered and added, “Please?”

Trying not to think about Sakura, Gai did.

He watched Sasuke sleep in his arms, his face flushed as he moaned and begged for Kishimoto to fuck him harder.

Gai couldn’t wait to kill Kishimoto.


Oh how Gai hated himself!

But after one night of hearing Sasuke beg for Kishimoto -

(“Harder!” Sasuke had muttered, pressing his face against Gai’s neck. “Please, Kishimoto-sama, harder!”)

- Gai couldn’t refuse Sasuke’s pleas.

He closed his eyes as he thrust his hips harder into Sasuke’s, who mewled under him. He could just picture the soft skin and the pink flush across his cheeks as he arched up into Gai’s thrusts. Unconsciously, Gai reached out to touch his hair, thinking it’d be long, soft and silky.

Only feel spiky, duck butt hair, albeit just as soft as Neji’s had been. Shocked back to reality, Gai pressed his hands on Sasuke’s hips and focused on just fucking Sasuke, to help him through his damaged that Kishimoto inflicted upon him, not because he was like Neji at all.

Sasuke, unused to be handled so gently after his last dozen suitors had fucked him without a care in the world, was reminded sharply of his three lovers. He mewled and his heart was filled with images of Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto.

(He wished he could hate Kishimoto for taking them away.)

He came with a sharp yelp and waited quietly for Gai to finish.

When Sasuke was curled in Gai’s arms, asleep, they both dreamed of their lost lovers, who died by Kishimoto’s jealous hands.


Gai knew it was wrong to feel so much glee to watch Kishimoto’s last dying breaths, but after all the horrors that Kishimoto had inflicted upon his world, he couldn’t bring himself to.

“How?” Kishimoto said with a cough. “I made sure to kill anyone who may have wanted my Sasuke at any point. I even killed pretty ones he never interacted with.”

“That,” Gai said as Kishimoto’s eyes closed, “Was your downfall. You only killed the conventionally people and forgot that you had Sasuke have sexual tension with everyone and how much of a Mary Sue you made me.”

“NOOOOOOO!” Was Kishimoto’s last word.

“What do we do now?” Sasuke said and kicked Kishimoto as hard as he could, sending him into orbit team rocket style.

“Now,” Gai said as he set his hand on Sasuke’s shoulder and the two of them watched Kishimoto ‘ping’ “Now, we live.”



Maybe I do write the filler episodes of Naruto.

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Comments {2}


(no subject)

from: sanguine_ary
date: Jun. 9th, 2006 06:07 pm (UTC)

I think you may be the patron god(ess?) of crack.
I look forward to reading more. (I also request permision to use the pillow/sasuke pairing for icons and/or banners)

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angry female EXTREMIST

(no subject)

from: a_white_rain
date: Jun. 9th, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)

Thanks. :)

And if you make a pillow/sauske banner or icon, please show it to me.

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