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some crack drabbles!

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May. 4th, 2006 | 04:03 pm
posted by: a_white_rain in the_good_crack

Sasuke sighed as he clicked the close button on the manga reader. He’d tried to deny it for long, he really had, Ishida had been there and he couldn’t help but hope after Tatsuki didn’t go the Soul Society.

Orihime/Ichigo was going to happen. No matter how much Rukia/Ichigo pawned. And that KT kept making fun of it.

He opened the Bleach-forums and clicked on the weekly chapter discussion and blinked in surprise when the first post was declaring that Orihime had learned her place, like the bitch she was, and Rukia/Ichigo was bound to happen.

Sasuke’s eyes twitched as he clicked the reply button and typed:

‘My OTP is Rukia/Ichigo, but there has been no evidence that the two of them have romantic feelings for each other. While Orihime’s feeling have grown stronger. And Rukia and Renji? Totally implied canon.’

He pressed enter and continued to read the discussion.

Only to see that every single idiot agreed with the poster.

Sasuke had been in the Bleach fandom for two years, he knew better then to keep reading. Or else he’d go crazy with rage.

The only thing that would help was…


Time to rant on fandom being dumb. And be glad that One Piece as as sane as ever, even after three years of being in fandom.


After finally mastering the newest jutsu that Sasuke was beginning to doubt that he’d ever be able to get down from Orochimaru, he was feeling excited and wanted to celebrate with sex.

When he got to his room, the pillow was lying casually on the bed. Sasuke walked over to the bed and sat down next to it.

The pillow sat up and said, “I’m not much in the mood, Sasuke.”

“Well, I am,” Sasuke said and couldn’t help but feel even more giddy then he already was, if the pillow wasn’t in the mood, maybe he could top.

The pillow sighed and muttered under his breath, “Spoiled brat.” He sighed and said, “Have you been good recently?”

Sasuke was about to say yes, but he felt the pillow’s piercing glare, and knew he couldn’t lie. He just bowed his head slightly, allow the silence to speak for his guilt.

“On your hands and knees,” the pillow ordered, “Before I change my mind.”

Sasuke tried to fight down flush rising on his cheeks as he quickly obeyed.


“And,” Naruto finished, tears burning behind his eyes and the sun glinting in his blond hair. “My love for Sasuke transcends every area of imagination! I will do anything to save him.”

Moved by the love between Naruto and Sasuke, Itachi fell to his knees and apologizing loudly for his crimes.

“…” Sakura said.

“…” Yamato agreed.

“…” Orochimaru confirmed, petting Sasuke’s, who was trying to get free from Orochimaru’s grip around his waist to strangle his brother, hair.

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angry female EXTREMIST

(no subject)

from: a_white_rain
date: May. 5th, 2006 07:53 am (UTC)

Naruto/Hinata makes me grin.

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